In 1986 Phoenix Institute Pittsburgh, Inc. (PIPI) was created in Pittsburgh, PA to bring together people who were looking for ways to make positive, loving, changes to their lives through the spiritual teachings of “Samuel,” a nonphysical energy being, channeled by Lea Schultz,, in a process he calls Transformational Channeling.

Samuel’s Transformational Channeling shares ways to learn practical techniques, and spiritual principles, to help you better communicate, manage and risk change, conquer fears, and improve relationships in your life from a foundation of pure love.

PIPI’s vision is to share Samuel’s life-changing teachings and to create a community that helps support spiritually minded people who are looking for impacting ways to bring love, balance, and ease to their lives, and our world, during these chaotic times.

PIPI meets Monday evenings, at the First United Methodist Church, located at: 5401 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232. Our meetings begin at 6:30PM and focus on different topics that Samuel has discussed. Our meetings are free, and open to all.

For additional information, please email PIPI at:

We hope to see you at our life-changing events.

Much love,
Phoenix Institute Pittsburgh, Inc. (PIPI)